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Charming both clothed in mist and clouds

And naked in the direct sun

Revealing the greyish buildings,

All ancient monuments of national pride

Remembering Scottish heroes

Greyish city with islands of green parks

Tasting a wee bit of Highlands hiking Arthur’s Seat

Watching the sunset from Calton Hill

Taking in the city, never having enough

Wandering along Princess Street or the Royal Mile

Soaking in the artistic atmosphere

While visiting museums and galleries

Or all the unique cafés always sitting in

Discovering a different culture just to

Find out it’s not that different after all

Yet the best of all is meeting new friends

“Haste ye back!”, told me one of them

And haste back, aye, I will – See you soon!



  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    Great one, Adam, makes one want to go there…


  2. Marie

    It makes me miss Scotland!…… I love last two lines… 🙂

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