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Overjoyed? Maybe…. Sometimes

Over the moon – not right now

Overcome by feelings – not so much lately

Over-achiever – never been and never will be

Over-demanding I may sometimes seem

Over-aged for many a thing, I guess, but not the fun

Sometimes it’s better to overlook some things

Overcome obstacles? That’s what I’m here for

Get over? Surely I will

Hope it’s not an overkill

Spring again

It is spring again.
The earth is like a child
That knows poems by heart.¹

Ready to play
Ready to run fast
To bloom and have fun.

It is spring again.
The earth is like a child
That knows poems by heart.

Ready to spring
Spring to a full life
To rest again in a few months


¹By Rainer Maria Rilke

Impressionistic Spring

Outbursts of colours – 50 shades of green

All of them so fresh and full of energy

Fields of rich brown ready to be ploughed

A seedbed ready to give new life

White and pink cherry trees – patches on

Background releasing intoxicating scent

Birds chirping their lungs away

A heavenly symphony for dancing feet

Bright blue sky making one

Dream of distant places – new journeys

Beg to be taken, one can’t stand still

Fluffy milky clouds – all the beasts

To be imagined chasing each other

Spring showers making everything fresh

Coming and going in a split of a second

A Summer Storm

The suffocating heat is interrupted

By a change in the atmosphere

Wind quickly getting stronger

Clouds hastily gathering

The refreshing fragrance of water filling the air

The storm is coming!

In a moment water starts pouring down

It’s raining heavily

So intensively and violently

Washing away all the dust and sweatiness

Bringing a freshness and new energy

Ten minutes later – here comes the sun again

The storm has gone yet something’s changed!

Some puddles and the fragrance remain

Puddles so tempting to jump over or in

To make a splash, releasing the children’s heart

Still deep inside an adult body

Shrieking with joy at the top of his lungs

Worries washed away with the dust

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