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A Summer Storm

The suffocating heat is interrupted

By a change in the atmosphere

Wind quickly getting stronger

Clouds hastily gathering

The refreshing fragrance of water filling the air

The storm is coming!

In a moment water starts pouring down

It’s raining heavily

So intensively and violently

Washing away all the dust and sweatiness

Bringing a freshness and new energy

Ten minutes later – here comes the sun again

The storm has gone yet something’s changed!

Some puddles and the fragrance remain

Puddles so tempting to jump over or in

To make a splash, releasing the children’s heart

Still deep inside an adult body

Shrieking with joy at the top of his lungs

Worries washed away with the dust

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  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    Thank you for this one, I had an outside shower a moment ago 🙂

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