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Wait For Me

T’was love at first sight when I met thee, all of a dither silly old me.

Dedicated a poem just for thee, all about you being my, ‘Oak Tree’.

Wait for me.

Walking out how proud I be,

 Knowing how much you care and are devoted to me.

Fell over once, banged my knee.

You picked me up and made me tea.

Wait for me.

Now in our twilight years, be you and me.

Still dedicating poems to thee.

Should I go afore I’ll wait for thee.

Promise My Lover, you’ll

Wait for me.


  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    I like the “wait for me” repetition and the meaning of it. And the connection “twilight years” is so special…



    • breda ware

      Thank you ET. Really appreciate your comment. I wrote it to be read with the main body of the poem broken with a pause between each “wait for me”.

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