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Come What May

Dear Poets,

our May 2020 topic is “Come what May”. We look forward to reading your poetry.

Marie, Adam and Jarek

Masquerade – our April 2020 topic

Dear Poets,

as we’ve been through very special times these days… we decided to offer a corresponding topic. Let’s try to write poems on the topic of Masquerade.

Stay well, take care and let’s hope it’s over soon.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Marie, Adam and Jarek

Poetic topic – August – Riddles

Dear poets,

our August topic is Riddles so you can write a poetic riddle in any way you wish and let the others guess. We cannot wait for the fun! 🙂

Marie, Jarek & Adam

May + June Topic: Spring – The Time of Love

Dear Poets,

we apologize for a little break and look forward to reading your poems about Spring – The  Time of Love.


Marie, Jarek and Adam

February topic – WHY?

Dear poets,

our February topic is called WHY? It is your opportunity to ask any question you would like to – in fact we challenge you to write a poem consisting only of questions.

As always we are looking forward to reading your poems! 🙂

M + J + A

December Topic – Scents of Xmas

Dear poets,

our December topic is Scents of Xmas. We would like you to describe your Xmas experience through your nose. Looking forward to reading your poems! 🙂

Maruška, Jarek & Adam

November Topic – Wind in the Hair

Dear poets,

this month we’d like to explore the topic of freedom in our topic called Wind in the Hair. Write a poem discussing these questions: What is freedom? What would you do if you were totally free for one day and could do anything not being limited by anything?

Adam, Marie and Jarek

May Poem

Dear poets,

our topic for May is flowers. We’re looking forward to reading your flower inspired flowerly poems. 🙂

Marie, Jarek and Adam

Poetic topic – March

Dear poets,

our March topic is to write a poem about what makes you happy (come alive) or what you do to relax. Looking forward to reading your wonderful poems! 🙂

Marie, Jarek and Adam

February 2015 Topic

DePiction – instructions

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