We are a collective of people, started by Maruška, Adam and Jarek, who love writing poetry and sharing it with our friends. We respect each other and expect being respected in return. Anybody can join us to write and/or enjoy poetry written by others.

Each month we publish a topic which you can write about. Of course, feel free to publish any poem you want any time.

Founding members:

Marie Š10447209_10203837893458502_958608932_nimáková works as an English teacher. She graduated in Classical Archaeology and as a perpetual student 😀 she decided to broaden her education at Faculty of Education. She likes poetry, music, travelling and spending time with good-hearted people 🙂


Adam Zeisek is an English teacher and a student at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk’s University in Brno (hopefully a bachelor next year, after some six years of university studies :D) who loves writing poetry, photography, climbing, slacklining and everything adventurous in general as well as great food and meeting his new and old friends. 🙂


Jarek Suchý is an English Teacher (E.T.) 🙂 at Faculty of Education and Tertiary Institute of Nursing. Loves poetry, music, English… Well, if you want to learn more, just ask 🙂