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Do you want to actively participate in our poetic society? It’s very simple. Just fill in the form below.


After you register and you sign in, you get to Dashboard page – on the left you can create new posts, edit your profile and so on. To access the website just hover your cursor over Poetry in eMotion at the top and click Visit Site.

When you write a post you can choose (the menu on the right side – Visibility) whether you want everybody or just members of the society to see your poems. Please, don’t forget to sign your poem. You can share any poem you want (please put these into the Free Poems category) or you can join our monthly topic poetry (please put these into Monthly Poems category). You can find the current topic in the Topics category.

Last but not least, you’re heartily encouraged to comment on poems of other poets. Just keep in mind that we respect and encourage each other and try to help each other improve.

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  1. IlonaSV

    Great idea!
    I missed the online poetry classes 🙂

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