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Spring again

It is spring again.
The earth is like a child
That knows poems by heart.¹

Ready to play
Ready to run fast
To bloom and have fun.

It is spring again.
The earth is like a child
That knows poems by heart.

Ready to spring
Spring to a full life
To rest again in a few months


¹By Rainer Maria Rilke

One Odd Riddle in its Prime

I am always in my prime

I am one of an infinite host

No one can divide me but me and one

I am one from a host of odd characters

Just one of the whole host is even

I never stand side by side

With any of my siblings

There is one exception, though

Who am I?

Poetic topic – August – Riddles

Dear poets,

our August topic is Riddles so you can write a poetic riddle in any way you wish and let the others guess. We cannot wait for the fun! 🙂

Marie, Jarek & Adam

Impressionistic Spring

Outbursts of colours – 50 shades of green

All of them so fresh and full of energy

Fields of rich brown ready to be ploughed

A seedbed ready to give new life

White and pink cherry trees – patches on

Background releasing intoxicating scent

Birds chirping their lungs away

A heavenly symphony for dancing feet

Bright blue sky making one

Dream of distant places – new journeys

Beg to be taken, one can’t stand still

Fluffy milky clouds – all the beasts

To be imagined chasing each other

Spring showers making everything fresh

Coming and going in a split of a second

February topic – WHY?

Dear poets,

our February topic is called WHY? It is your opportunity to ask any question you would like to – in fact we challenge you to write a poem consisting only of questions.

As always we are looking forward to reading your poems! 🙂

M + J + A


Watching the white fields

Glistening in the noon sunlight

Breathing in the crisp cold air

Listening to the snow crunching

Under my heavy footsteps

Enjoying the scenery

Exhorting a peaceful vibe

December Topic – Scents of Xmas

Dear poets,

our December topic is Scents of Xmas. We would like you to describe your Xmas experience through your nose. Looking forward to reading your poems! 🙂

Maruška, Jarek & Adam

November Topic – Wind in the Hair

Dear poets,

this month we’d like to explore the topic of freedom in our topic called Wind in the Hair. Write a poem discussing these questions: What is freedom? What would you do if you were totally free for one day and could do anything not being limited by anything?

Adam, Marie and Jarek

A Summer Storm

The suffocating heat is interrupted

By a change in the atmosphere

Wind quickly getting stronger

Clouds hastily gathering

The refreshing fragrance of water filling the air

The storm is coming!

In a moment water starts pouring down

It’s raining heavily

So intensively and violently

Washing away all the dust and sweatiness

Bringing a freshness and new energy

Ten minutes later – here comes the sun again

The storm has gone yet something’s changed!

Some puddles and the fragrance remain

Puddles so tempting to jump over or in

To make a splash, releasing the children’s heart

Still deep inside an adult body

Shrieking with joy at the top of his lungs

Worries washed away with the dust

May Poem

Dear poets,

our topic for May is flowers. We’re looking forward to reading your flower inspired flowerly poems. 🙂

Marie, Jarek and Adam

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