Ole McFly was a funny old guy,
A funny old guy was Ole McFly.
With a ticket tucked in a grubby flat cap,
Jacket fashioned from an old grain sack.
Sets off for the airport to take a flight,
Travelling through the dead of night.

Ole McFly was a strange old guy,
A strange old guy was Ole McFly.
Folk open mouthed stood and stared,
As he rode in astride his loyal mare.
Handing her over to Rose McFlay,
For the duration while he’s away.

Ole McFly that peculiar old guy,
A peculiar old guy was Ole McFly.
Didn’t hanker on long goodbyes,
He had no notion how to fly.
Luggage none; other than a sack,
Which he carried upon his back.

Ole McFly was a comely old guy,
A gentle old guy was Ole McFly.
With child like twinkle in his eye,
Watch’s in awe clouds passing by.
McMoucha awaits his arrival in a cart,
Eager for new adventures to start.

Breda Ware