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Yuletide Joy

Look yonder at the church its steeple lit,
Wonder at the mystical white light it omits.
Enter through the ancient stained oak doors,
Pass carvings and paintings on walls.
Christmas carols are being sung,
The festive season has begun.
Faithful voices raised in joyful sound,
Smiles on faces, happiness all around.

The sun rising majestically from the east,
Seen glistening on the backs of flying geese.
Village appears bathed in a clandestine light,
Breathtaking sublime, all powerful sight.
Rabbits appear quietly from underground,
Frolic in snow drifts all around.
Christmas morning at last is here,
That extra special time of year.

Children jump eagerly from their beds,
No heed taken to what’s been said.
Parents tired from the night before,
Frantically dash for their bedroom door.
Not quick enough, they come tumbling in,
Exploding with excitement, what a din!
Nothing to do but join in the fun,
For Christmas time has just begun.

Breda Ware

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  1. adamigo

    Breda’s I absolutely love your poem! I really enjoyed the progression from the somber athmosphere before Xmas to the start of the festivities, it’s brilliant. 🙂

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