Leila-mai Pinnock such a joy is she,
In her there lies a part of me.
Bubbly, happy, feisty and free,
The way I’d want her always to be.

Leila-mai Pinnock at times can be bad,
Grumpy, sullen, moody, gets mad!
Making Mummy oh! So sad,
While Nanna tells her, it’s a passing fad.

Leila-mai Pinnock likes riding her bike,
Peddles like crazy with all her might.
Left trailing, poor Nanna,
Way out of sight.

Leila-mai Pinnock has long black hair,
Unlike her cousin both whom are fair.
She plaits it, she ties it, also in a bun,
Leila-mai Pinnock can be jolly good fun.

Breda Ware