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August Dawn

The sun rises early from the east, bringing forth a feeling of utter peace.
Pallets rich in colours reds, orange and tinges of blue.
Spread out on a canvas for all to view.
See how at once a beam of light, pierces the darkness with all it’s might.
Land and sea slowly appear bathed in a transcendent light.

Trawlers laden with their catch, slowly chug across the bay.
The gentle humming of their engines as they, make way.
Rays of the sun akin to pearls lay on their wake.
Heading for port before dawn breaks.
All at once the sun breaks through,
Yawning and stretching: in full view.

Seagulls rise to start their day, picking and pecking along their way.
Taking flight, squawking annoyingly. while competing for fish noisily.
A Blackbird sings his happy song, up in the trees where he belongs.
Waking all to another morning.
Heralding in the August Dawn.


  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    I like the way I can picture the view. And yes, time after time it’s great to get up just to watch another day dawning…

  2. adamigo

    Brings memories of beautifully calm mornings – such a peaceful piece of writing. I really enyojed reading it!

  3. breda ware

    I’m a wee bit lost in that I didn’t set the poem out as it now has appeared and I am finding it difficult to edit. I’d set the lines out justified however on publishing it’s out of justification. Please advise how I may reset it. Tks CC

    • adamigo

      Sry, for such a late response – I don’t know exactly what’s the problem but I can look into it and try to fix it for you if you want me to. Have you copied it from a text document or anything like that?

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