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I am

I am curious and I am shy
I wonder how and I wonder why
I hear the things I see the sounds
and I don´t want to change (even for one milion pounds)
the curious and shy person who am I …?!?

Can one pretend what is not real?
how, how and how does it feel
to touch the deepest dreams?
I worry much it often seems
and I cry and also damn
I simply do what I can
 …just to be the way I am


I understand but I might not
what people say, well they say a lot
I dream those words will fly away
and we´ll follow each other day by day
I hope for it, I hope for us
even if I am  shy and I am curious

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  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    Dear Marie,

    I like the repetition in your poem and what seems to me to be a mixture of specific and abstract things. “How does it feel to touch the deepest dreams?” is an absolutely fantastic question…


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