I made for you a wall of shame
It’s purpose to some would say is lame
For me it was truly not a game
But a means to try and tame
To make you feel ashamed

Your behaviour bemused and made me sad
Because I know you’re not all bad
I raised a handsome happy lad
Hoped you’d marry and become a dad
But you just raged and lost your rag

Once again incarcerated are you
Same old reasons, nothing new
Why do you believe it’s cool
To constantly break the rules
Leaving you looking like a fool

Inadequate are words to describe my pain
Thoughts of you there render me insane
Although you’ve hurt me I remain
Positive, optimistic, just the same
A Mother you’ve no right to blame.

Someone who loves you asked today
Had I seen you? I uttered with dismay
A lie that you were travelling away
What else could we possibly say?
Couldn’t upset him, not today.

Received his kit looks so smart
Not prepared to break his heart
What you’ve done for a lark
Has torn your family apart
There’s still time to make a fresh start

Breda Ware