Dear paper, your bear I cannot now

As I do not know, I do not know how

To speak to those who do not listen

To explain you feel when they say you DON’T

To show the things which glisten

When they sometimes really don’t


Dear paper, you might understand what I cannot

To sacrifice “yourself” I was taught

To pay for others’ mistakes

„just for your sake“


Dear paper, help me to follow

That this cage is good for a swallow

Who just wanted to breathe and fly

Help me to follow

That it’s all right when your dreams are going to die


Dear paper, just tell me a few warm words

Without all of „must“ „if not then“ „just do!“

Who gave them right, tell me who?


Dear paper, better you do not speak

MONEY, property, buy, do, give, work more

The words which are my dearest ones‘ creek

They might – one day – be drowned in for!