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Ole McFly

Ole Mcfly was a silly old guy, what silly old guy was Ole Mcfly.
Rode about on a huge yellow digger, gun in his hand with finger on the trigger.
What was he doing? Nobody knew, didn’t have a clue, thought him a fool.

Caught him once taking a nap, there he sat, cat upon his lap, feather in his cap.
By his side lay a haversack, an old grey mack and rustic sack.
A yard of ale and milking pail.
Are you well? Pray tell, I enquired of him, having noticed the paleness of his skin.

He awoke as I spoke with a tear in his eye, I felt so sad for Ole Mcfly.
Quite well child, now go on your way.
You’ll  have more dire things to do, on this blessed day.
I enjoyed my chat with Ole McFly
Ole Mcfly that troubled old guy.


  1. adamigo

    I really like this colourful and vivid description, especially the way you play with repetition and build up your piece.

  2. Marie

    I think if we composed some music, it would be a great song as well! 🙂

    Thank you.

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