Spring is here, kick start to the year.
Snowdrops sadly gone to ground
Daffodils perform their final showdown.
Bluebells next take to the stage
Amongst trees waking from winters sleep
Blossom bursting forth everywhere
See it billowing gently in the air,
Cattle munch on jewelled dew laden grass,
Farmers early risers, performing their tasks.
Ewes roam on hillside,their bellies rounded and fat,
Lambs leap and bounce like scalded cats.
Mornings sharp, senses are roused,
Birds singing, make delightful sounds.
Breath of freshness evident all around,
Suns entrance dramatic from the ground.
Majestic, silent omits no sound,
Gently wakes up villages, cities and towns.
Grey blue tones followed by a blinding light,
Celestial display of her awesome might.
Gentle folk begin to rise,
Rubbing sleep gently from their eyes.
Ready to face another day,
While the suns up to ‘make hay’.
Tomorrow will bring another Spring day,
It’s brilliance and beauty as yesterday.

Breda Ware