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Chestnut childhood

Let me take you years ago

When sun could shine and wind could blow

When air was fresh and people lived

when fields were full and life was a gift


Once upon a time


Fairy tales

Frog was the Prince of Wales

Chestnuts – oh the great treasure

No time, no money, nothing to measure

such a pleasure!


Rain drops? No, diamonds

Brown stones? No, almonds

Meadow? Non, my realm

Branch? No, my buddy, it the helm!


And then the voice… which really cares

„It is raining, come upstairs,

No magic nuts, you’re not a Cinderella

It’s just some chestnuts and you need an umbrella“


Oh my mum, I can’t … if you knew

There’s not only one prince

There’s a QUEUE!



  1. adamigo

    Maruška, I just love your poetry! It’s brilliant how it’s dreamy, rhytmical and funny at the same time! I also really enjoyed the progression of the poem. 🙂

  2. Jaroslav Suchý

    “No time, no money, nothing to measure” – oh, how I understand…
    Beautiful piece one would like to become a part of…

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