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Summertime Freedom

Being a bird on the top of trees

On the wings of pleasant breeze

I’d fly around faraway places

With the freedom which embraces

The little scary soul.


The scent of tempting summer passions

And dreams about the different nations

Wake me up from winter blues

Give me chance to think and choose

What person I want to be.


Come my summer, come and say

„Life is worth, come what may“





  1. Jitka Thirkettle

    I absolutely love the last two lines!!! and the rythm is perfect. Well done!

  2. Jaroslav Suchý

    I’m with Jitka and I like the rhymes and the beginning of the second part very much.

    Did you mean to use “scary”? I thought it might have been “scared” but maybe not.

    Perfectionist me 🙂 would like to suggest:
    A chance

    E.T. 🙂

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