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Author: Tom

My poems are not an expression of grief over life, regret of situations that hurt me or me being disappointed with love. When I write, I perceive some responsibility to the reader, to his feelings. I want him to feel better
after reading my poems.
To feel a certain depth and harmony from the present moment, not to be afraid to look into the future and dream of even the greatest goals.
If you read my poems and feel at least one such moment, I have accomplished my goal.

Tomas Waginger

Tell me something beautiful

Tell me something beautiful and you’ll find a variety of colors. 

Tell me something beautiful and you will find peace. 

Tell me something beautiful and you will find beautiful music.

Tell me something beautiful and you’ll find my sweet lips. 

Tell me something beautiful and I will love you. 

Tell me something beautiful and you will find a beautiful blue sky. Tell me about clean air, laughter, love.

Tell me something beautiful.

Tell me about good food. Tell me about a good movie. Tell me about a nice house, a car. Tell me what you love.

Tell me. 

Tell me something beautiful. 

And you will forgett the bad and horrible.

With her

I sat there with her. 

I sat there with my love.

I sat there with my wife.

I realized the moment.

I realized the gratitude. 

I realized the right essence about her and gratitude to her. 

With her, the moment is fuller,

life lighter,

life nicer. 

Heading together towards eternity,

to freedom, to love. 

You can keep your love easier 

by setting your common goals 

and then just walking, 

walking steadily to the stars.

Writen by Tomas Waginger from collection of poetry “Freedom”

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