I saw you in my dreams last night,
Surrendering, no need to take flight.
You held me close so very tight,
Effortless, didn’t put up a fight.
Tenderly held with all your might,
Slumbering peacefully toward first light.
Looking on such a tranquil sight,
Fills my heart with pure delight.

Awoke by a blinding pure white light,
Desperate to seek the previous sight,
Of you cradling me through the night.
Arms flailing, jerking madly as a kite,
As I struggle with all my might.
To regain that sublime, precious sight.
Fearing the worst I take fright,
Backing away from that celestial light.

A gentle kiss you plant on tired eyes,
Instantly removed from that cruel demise.
The morning chorus from the early bird,
With much relief is clearly heard.
Listening to his joyful song,
Beneath the covers where I belong.

Breda Ware