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Four Seasons

Summer retreats in such a flurry,
Pastel petticoats assembled in a hurry.
Colours of vivid greens, yellow, lilacs and blue.
Warm days and barmy nights taken to renew.

Autumn’s ingress its sultry move,
Primed a performance in familiar mood.
Trees and fauna draped in velvet robes,
Colours of rich reds, chestnut, orange and gold

Winter generates an entrance with a bite,
Frosty mornings, snow, pure blinding white.
With grey dank days and bitter cold nights,
Logs on fires burning hot and bright.

Spring’s advent burst forth with all its might,
Awakening colours, reborn once more to delight.
Song birds on wing eager to return,
Green buds of new life appear, all around.

Breda Ware


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  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    I really like the positive feeling caused by the spring season being placed the last…

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