New Year’s Resolutions

The clock strikes twelve, a New Year dawns,
Another year has been born.
Out with the old and in with the new,
Resolutions made to follow; to stick too.

Time to reflect on all that’s past,
Promises made to follow that last.
To plan a diet or just fast,
Smile more, get out and have a laugh.

Keep in touch with family and friends,
Every effort to make amends.
Disagreements; issues all cleansed.
Be vigilant with how much I spend.

Keep my diary up to date,
Be mindful of important events.
Send cards out on time; not late.
Buy flowers or better still, bake a cake.

Ride a bike more or take a hike,
Start running again is what I like.
Get down to the gym is not my thing,
Rather go to the pool and have a swim.

Banned items bread, chocolate and crisps,
All goodies added to the list.
Resolution are made to be followed,
Start today; not put off till tomorrow.

Breda Ware