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My Summer

Finally almost here, just can’t wait

The period of being free from tedious studying

Countless hours of working and sleepless nights

Finally flying away to get to know a new country

Ancient Scotland to discover, what a thrill

Maybe hiking in the Alps or navigating a river

Camping and watching the stars

Enjoying the time of rest when time slows down

Being with friends as much as possible

Even though it’s just for a short while, it’s so needed

– Adam


  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    Dear Adam,

    I really like the repetition of “finally” I think it expresses your current feelings… Maybe an article before the new country? But you may have wanted it this way.

    Anyway, have a great summer 🙂


  2. adamigo

    Dear Jarek,

    thank your for the feedback. You are rught about the article, I just forgot. Thanks for telling me.

    Have a great summer, too, filled with beautiful poetry. 🙂


  3. Jitka Thirkettle

    Dear Adam,
    I like your poem, but I certainly need to find out about the poems that don´t rhyme… How does it work? Are there any rules regarding to poem writing?

  4. adamigo

    Dear Jitka,
    I usually write so called free verse which means there is no rhytmical pattern and my poems don’t rhyme. You can have some rhytmical pattern even though your poems don’t rhyme, basic idea about rhythm is to have same number of stressed syllables in each line. For the beginning you don’t need to mess with it if you don’t want to. Just enjoy writing and you’ll see what’s natural for you. 🙂

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