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Month: July 2017

Broken (Skeltonic Verse)

Why you got to do the things you do?
Is it cause you like being the fool?
Why you wasted time at school?
Hell bent on breaking every rule.

Why you got to shame me so?
Broken should I now let go?
Why you do like what you do?
I’d appreciate some kind of clue.

Why you got to disrespect me so?
Is it cause you want me to let go?
Why you got to run with the pack?
You can do better than that.

Why you need to break my heart?
Do you enjoy tearing me apart?
Why you torture me the way you do?
When all I want is the best for you.

Why you got to do what you do?
Why must I serve time for you?
Why you always bringing up the past?
Today might well be my last!

Breda Ware






Street Talk


A ‘storm in a teacup’ trivial our tiff to you, sadly ’tis’ I’m that’s left ‘to stew’.
‘Water under the bridge’ ‘tant’ easy to say, while I’m left empty day after day.
‘Too blind to see’ the pain intentionally you inflicted on me, in a cruel attempt to ‘bring me to my knees’.
Caught ‘between a rock and a hard place’ what options are left for me?
‘Tis’ evident I’m ‘flogging a dead horse’ , best it’s left ‘to run its course’.
‘What goes around comes around’ that’s what they say,
I will be patient ‘I’ll have my day’.

Breda Ware

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