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Judge & Jury

Who are you to judge me, you sanctimonious ‘git’.
Bringing up the past like that, an underhanded trick.
How dare you be little me, do you take me to be that thick?
Making out your so perfect, your behaviour makes me sick.

I who gave loyalty and support, when life wasn’t treating you right.
Now all I get back from you, is anger, contempt and spite.
What on earth possessed you to want to pick a fight,
On such happy occasion, it simply wasn’t right.

No longer am I left feeling, inadequate second best.
You’ve made it perfectly clear, for the need to invest,
In preserving a one sided relationship, I sadly must confess,
For my own self preservation, must put to rest.

Your condescending attitude, quite frankly leaves me flat,
Dismayed and sadden that you’ve turned out as such a rat.
True colours exposed, laid out bare for all to see,
Others joy you reverted, as bitterness directly fired at me.

The rage and anger evidently within your head,
Planted there by others, willingly consumed, spoon fed.
All the while the organ grinder plays his tune,
While you the monkey are simply lead.

Now in the knowledge you love me less,
I have sadly accepted and addressed.
That remarks uttered and cruel words you have said,
Puts me in mind, you’d rather I was dead.

Breda Ware

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  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    powerful indeed…

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