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Month: June 2016

Ole McMoucha

While out for a walk, what a sight to be seen
As Ole McFly’s cousin, came hurtling towards me
Ole McMoucha, was his name
Who was thought to be, slightly insane

Driving a forklift at a frightening speed
Swerving very recklessly; indeed
Fearing for my life, McMoucha made it clear
He really hadn’t a notion, how to steer

McMoucha had that same, manic look
That Ole Macfly, his cousin took
With a glint in his eye he zoomed on by
That crazy McMoucha, cousin to McFly

Breda Ware


Love is like chameleon in that it takes many forms,
Given freely and received in different ways.
Once there it has a habit of spinning you around,
Rendering your senses numb, turning your life upside down.

Love in a marriage tender, passionate and real,
Each other’s bodies excitedly explored and revealed.
The smallest kiss renders feelings unexplained,
A pain, an urgency for it to linger longer or remain.
Lips which moisten with the briefest of touch,
Hearts pounding on each and every clutch.

Love of a brothers is powerful and strong,
Forever in your heart where it belonged.
Happy in the knowledge he knows you well,
A relationship that should be safe and sound.
Someone you take immense pride in having around.

Love of a sister a comfort ideally it should be,
Given warmly, a reassurance in that you know she will care.
Quietly without reservations to listen, guide and share,
Installed a belief in that she’ll always be there.
When life’s bumpy and your facing a tricky bend,
As a sister, you trust her, she’ll guide you through it to the end.

Love of a child is a miracle, a wonderful thing,
With laughter and happiness, warm feelings it brings.
Perilous uncharted waters lie ahead,
Unconditional love raging forever in your head.
Be it a delight in a daughter or that of a son,
A lifetime journey has now begun.

Breda Ware

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