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Month: March 2016

Forget Me Not

Forget me not!

Thank you for my flowers,
The chocolates were pleasant too.

Thank you for the lovely cards,
With tender words, from you.

Thank you for that special lunch,
Such a loving, thoughtful touch.

Thank’s for not remembering me,
Thank you very much.

Breda Ware

Ole McFly’s Gypsy

Ole McFly’s Gipsy

Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
Met up one day with him on his way,
With a gipsy by the name of Rose McFlay.
Bedraggled and unkempt she did appear,
Huge hooped earrings were in each ear.
With a mane of long grey mattered hair,
And eyes of coal which constantly stared.
The gown she wore was old and torn,
Her shoes holed; were old and well worn.
Quickly we bade each other, ‘good day’.
Eager they were to be on their way.
Off to the local Apple Fayre,
Two strange, peculiar happy pair.

Breda Ware

Silly walk

when I put on my shoes

I have to go to the city trough

I heard tap tap on sidewalk

someone called to me – funny sillywalk!

My different shoes

have a smalltalk

one of my

one of Stáňa

they are not paire

but it doesn´t care.

We start with breakfast a new day

in deligtfull office – MaryWay

my feet will be most freshest

and my shoes can fly away.


Dear Poets,

we think that our March topic Breakfast” should be rewarded with a real breakfast so one of you will have an opportunity to spend a morning with English conversation and something nice and traditional to eat.


Write a poem about breakfast and post it in March! 🙂


breakfast obrázek

Ole McFly’s Bike


Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
Rode by me on a rickety bike,
Frantically peddling with all his might.
Weaving and wobbling, my what a sight!
Cats scampering backs arched with fright.
Dogs barking, excitedly with delight,
At Ole McFly with eyes closed tight!
Not having brakes on his rickety bike,
Rounding the corner, such was his plight.
Landing headfirst into the dyke,
In full view of the Vicar, flying his kite.

Breda Ware


This or That?

Black or white?

Dark or light?

Cat or dog?

Prince or frog?


Me or you?

Many or few?

Up or down?

Poverty or crown?


Life or money?

Sugar or honey?

Sun or moon?

Fork or spoon?


Question or answer?

Writer or dancer?

Finger or toe?

John or Joe?


Everything? Nothing?

Up to you….

All around you find the clue… 🙂

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