I simply cannot get along with you

These words you used with so much ease,
Words you wrote, not said, only to appease.
Someone who has no knowledge or care,
How siblings have grown up and had to share.

Your behaviour, for me, is of concern,
For my own sanity, I must stand my ground.
Gratification in this perverse way,
Will come back and haunt you, I pray.

Memories I have which will remain,
No longer will I attempt to defend.
You who constantly like to blame,
Like you have no shame!

The mask you wear, no longer there,
Reveals a face that doesn’t care.
Dismissal option, grossly unfair!
Have implication, repercussions; beware.

Look through the glass if you dare,
My silhouette standing there.
Just a reflection nothing to share,
Your contempt, too much to bear.

Breda Ware