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Month: February 2016



I simply cannot get along with you

These words you used with so much ease,
Words you wrote, not said, only to appease.
Someone who has no knowledge or care,
How siblings have grown up and had to share.

Your behaviour, for me, is of concern,
For my own sanity, I must stand my ground.
Gratification in this perverse way,
Will come back and haunt you, I pray.

Memories I have which will remain,
No longer will I attempt to defend.
You who constantly like to blame,
Like you have no shame!

The mask you wear, no longer there,
Reveals a face that doesn’t care.
Dismissal option, grossly unfair!
Have implication, repercussions; beware.

Look through the glass if you dare,
My silhouette standing there.
Just a reflection nothing to share,
Your contempt, too much to bear.

Breda Ware


Why is the sky so grey?
You could have stayed for one more day.

Why did you to go away?
There was so much more left to say.

Why do I have to pay?
With my heart aching, bound in clay.

Why has the sun lost its rays?
It’s warmth left, it took you away.

Why am I left with pain?
Unable to function, get through the day.

Why do they remain?
Light indentations where once you lay.

Why didn’t you think to say?
You struggle, afraid to face another day.

Why did you write,” it’s ok”?
Not listening to what you say.

Why is the sky so grey?
Because; you’ve passed away?

Breda Ware



What pleasure do you gain from consistently putting me down?
Why make things awkward; do you not want me around?
Who are you to judge what I do, when you, yourself, hadn’t a clue?
What will it take to get through to you?
Where is your loyalty for one of your own?
Would you prefer me to leave you alone?

How was it you took such offence?
Haven’t you heard the saying, “sitting on the fence”?
Had I known you were going to betray me in this way?
How is it that I’m not given leave to have my say?
Has it always got to be your way?
How many more scars will you inflict, day after day?

You choose not to listen; do you not wish to hear?
Yearning for acceptance, is it not clear?
Your indifference; no longer wish to hold me dear?
Years are passing, are you not a feared?
Yet patiently I accept, how long must I wait?
Your mortality is indubitable, will you leave it too late?

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