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Month: January 2016




The snowfall of purity

Tempts the sinners

Nothing common with maturity

Nothing to do with winners


The snowflakes as a labyrinth

Bemuse those

Who put the idol on the plinth

Those whose hope knows


The sound of snow

Invites sleepers

Who for white do not see colors

To open the box with glow

Flakes Of Joy

Awaken by a muted, deafening silence, 
Although, sounds are present dull, numbing. 
Deep inside my ear.
Familiar;  announces you are here.

Drapes asunder, there you lay,
White as the given day.
Falling softly to the ground,
Appearing as a soft eiderdown.

Lightly covering, all around,
Gently gliding, can be found.
Lace like flakes, of a formation,
Each one differs, no combination.

Footsteps with caution, gingerly taken,
Each a crisp, crunching sensation.
Leaving behind, indentations,
Clear prints, map a destination.

Breda Ware

January Topic

Dear Poets,

we hope you had a lovely Christmas time! It would be nice to celebrate the start of the year by writing a poem about the symbol of this beautiful year season – SNOW.

We are looking forward to reading your poems!

M. + J. +A.

Ole McFly Wandering

Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
Now resides on the old church green,
In a brightly lit caravan, which gleams.
Locals mutter, ‘he’s dirty, unclean’.
Menacing, mean, a sight to be seen.

Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
Came upon him once again,
In the cold and sheeting rain.
Enquire of his health; ‘nice to see you again’.
‘Where have you been, my dear old friend’?

Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
‘Shall I walk with you for a while’?
Declare I saw a hint of a smile.
Not a word, like he hadn’t heard.
Left me thinking, how absurd.

Ole McFly that funny old guy,
What a funny old guy is Ole McFly.
All at once starts whistling like a bird,
Not a whimper, not a word.
So once again we silently walk,
No need for either of us to talk.

Breda Ware


Lifes’s Choices

Where ever you have been my Son,
Personal battles you’ve raged and won.
Gone the bloodshot painful glare,
The lost and bitter angry stare.
Attitude of its not fair,
Replaced by loving eyes that care.

Hang your hat up near the door,
With your family rest assured,
Support and love offered and more,
In abundance we have for sure.
Unconditional? Well not quite.

A goal is set within your sight,
So Son take up with all your might.
A path that’s straight and right,
I will guide and hold you tight.
Man up and face the fight.

Breda Ware

In Our Memory



Yesterday we said goodbye,
To a kind and gentle friend.
Life’s battles conquered,
Alas, his time now sadly at an end.

With thoughts we bowed our heads,
Listening intently to what’s said.
Pausing, quietly to reflect a while,
Remembering his wonderful smile.

Yesterday we said goodbye,
To a kind and noble friend.
Earthly life, sadly at an end,
On his journey, we safely send.

In our memory he will remain,
With that kindly glint in his eye.
Huddle together side by side,
Sadly saying our goodbyes.

Breda Ware

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