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Month: July 2015

Summer Midnight Poem


Catching the light in the fire

and inspiration which runs

away and high and higher

I’ve been the bullets without guns



Where have you been, my muse, my fuel

Never leave me! Never do!

Could see much water and no pool

Nowhere to dive in summer blue


But you’re back! You’re there, right there!

Brought back the life of rhyming air

I missed you, muse

…. I desperately did….!


A Summer Storm

The suffocating heat is interrupted

By a change in the atmosphere

Wind quickly getting stronger

Clouds hastily gathering

The refreshing fragrance of water filling the air

The storm is coming!

In a moment water starts pouring down

It’s raining heavily

So intensively and violently

Washing away all the dust and sweatiness

Bringing a freshness and new energy

Ten minutes later – here comes the sun again

The storm has gone yet something’s changed!

Some puddles and the fragrance remain

Puddles so tempting to jump over or in

To make a splash, releasing the children’s heart

Still deep inside an adult body

Shrieking with joy at the top of his lungs

Worries washed away with the dust

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