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Month: April 2015

A spring idyll

The bark of the tree I’m resting on is deeply scarred

The light playfully shines through the leaves

A grasshopper peacefully hoping around

It’s thinking about something to eat

I’m dressed like a sailor for a long journey

Surrounded by trees solemnly standing by

Listening to the leaves rustling in light breeze

Feeling at peace and pensive at the same time

The future is open seemingly far away

The Black Prince

Elberry Cove 12-4-15 133

The hedgerows play host to the noble Blackthorn,
With its first show of blossom;  white as the pure driven snow.

Little clusters of delicate petals appear to grow,
With zeal and such urgency on dark stems devoid of foliage.
Tiny green shoots start to nervously appear,
Bound tightly at first; in readiness to burst.

Elegant blooms some tinged with pink,
Slowly bow their heads, sadly, soon to be extinct.

Some falling gently, to the ground,
Quietly, dying without a sound.

Their fragrance alas taken,  but shed not a tear,
As the Black Prince of the hedgerow,
Will reappear in splendour,
Serene again, year after year.


Breda Ware

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