A son in his father embrace

Crying: “I was so foolish, will you forgive me please?

Could I just be one of your servants?”

Let’s go back in the story

Father watching his son’s back, heartbroken

Waiting day by day for his son’s return

Days turning into moths turning into years flying by

Wondering whether he would see his son again

The son’s been through self-inflicted hell

Running away and mocking his Father

Wasting his money for things that can’t satisfy

Hitting the rock bottom, desperation suffocating him

Finally coming to his senses, deciding to come back

Though not having a reason to expect his Father’s forgiveness

The only prospects of being shamed, mocked and

Serving in a place he was supposed to co-own one day

Yet he is met by Father discarding his dignity

Running towards him, holding him in his arms

Repeating out of breath: “Son, you’ve come home, you’ve come home…”

Father finally able to utter something else

Calling his servants to bring a robe, sandals and ring

Completely restoring son to his former place

What a shocking twist in the story!

That’s the ultimate love of the Father