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Month: January 2015

Year of Opportunities

The beginning of a new year so full of latent possibilities

So many aspirations, dreams which might come true

Anticipating what lies ahead

At least some of them are clear

Finishing the bachelors, visiting some friends

Continue running regularly and exercising

Resting, creating, playing and being with friends more

Keep it simple and seize the day

And the little joyous moments of the mundane

New Years Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions

The clock strikes twelve, a New Year dawns,
Another year has been born.
Out with the old and in with the new,
Resolutions made to follow; to stick too.

Time to reflect on all that’s past,
Promises made to follow that last.
To plan a diet or just fast,
Smile more, get out and have a laugh.

Keep in touch with family and friends,
Every effort to make amends.
Disagreements; issues all cleansed.
Be vigilant with how much I spend.

Keep my diary up to date,
Be mindful of important events.
Send cards out on time; not late.
Buy flowers or better still, bake a cake.

Ride a bike more or take a hike,
Start running again is what I like.
Get down to the gym is not my thing,
Rather go to the pool and have a swim.

Banned items bread, chocolate and crisps,
All goodies added to the list.
Resolution are made to be followed,
Start today; not put off till tomorrow.

Breda Ware

January topic

Dear Poets,

first of all we would like to wish you all the best for the new year 2015. May this new year bring as much beautiful poetry as possible! 🙂

Our first topic of this year will be about your New Year’s resolutions.


Marie, Jarek and Adam


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