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Month: December 2014

Work Trail

Work’s Trail

Woke early this morning, just after three.
Looked out of the window, and what did I see?
T’was only Jack Frost looking back at me!
Glistening silver, for all to see.
And as for the trees; they look decidedly cold,
Just like me!

Hopped out of bed like a shot,
What happened to my alarm clock?
Waste of time setting that old thing,
It usually goes off, with a right old ding.
Off to work on my bike, peddling along with all my might.
Cor blimey! What a sight!

Breda Ware

A New Year Wish

A New Year’s Wish

My lust for life grows ever stronger.
Feelings of disappointment and guilt, tossed asunder.
My love for others, grows immensely fonder.

Family members old and new, bond together all renewed.
Loyal friends both near and far,
Precious like glittering stars.

Happier times ahead for me.
As I add those I love,
To My Life’s Tree. 

Norfolk Trip Aug 2014 160


Book Spine “poem(s)”

I haven’t met the competition’s deadline so two quick things:

Message in a Bottle


Whatever you think, think the opposite,

Daisy Miller,

My Sister’s Keeper.


And a combination that gave me a sort of chuckle and I feel like sharing it: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Love Story

At First Sight,

The Wedding,

The Ultimate Sex Diet


In the future I might share another combination that I would like to improve and need some proper time for that.


Happy 2015, Poets 🙂



Dark, brown and black beans

Crushed to a million pieces

Flooded by boiling water

Yielding its treasures in the liquid

Its flourished flavour and fragrance

Rising from the hot cup embraced in hands

Reaching my senses, filling them

The ultimate pleasure of this gift

Washing over my tongue down the throat

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