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Why do you stand weeping at my grave?

You have no right: as in life, you never gave me the time of day.
No call or message, that would have been nice!
Perhaps a chat or friendly advice.
Would that have been too much to pay?
Just to have acknowledge me for a day!

Why do you stand weeping at my grave?

You were oblivious to my pain: although I tried to explain.
Did I offend you in some way?
Or did you think ignoring me: was ok!
Why no attempt to meet with me?
Or a desire to speak to me?

Why do you stand weeping at my grave?

Was my leaving such a disgrace?
Did it contribute to a lose of face?

Why did you judge me so harshly?
It was not your place!

I loved you dearly: but things were said.
My heart has always ruled my head!

Why do you stand weeping at my grave?

Sadly I see no sorrow in your eyes.
It’s too late to explain or apologise.
Too late to put ills to right:  I’ve passed through the light.
If there’s the remotest thought for me: with respect walk away.

Don’t stand weeping at my grave.


  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    Similarly to one of your previous pieces, I truly admire the power of the words, the repetitions are amazingly strong. I hope that in reality it isn’t too late like in the poem… Well, it’s never too late anyway, is it?

    • breda ware

      Thank you, so value your comments. Head bursting with verses so glad I joined the society, recommend it all. Beats visiting a shrink!!!!

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