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Month: September 2014

Enough Said

Not much time to write you a line, just want you to know that I am fine. Finding it difficult to explain, what the trainings like……: through the pain.  First day I expected humiliation and shame, need to learn the rules of this new game. Body and mind tired and maimed, am I going….totally insane?

Passing Out Parade,  I made the grain, parents and siblings you all came. Faces beaming with alighting eyes, concealing the fact that we might die!! Sergeant Major’s voice hoarse: relieved, we’ve completed the gruelling course. Us marching proudly heads held high, Mums and Dads with pride in their eyes.

Base not bad, Dad, settled in well. Won’t be here long …….posting through ……going to hell. Couple of request Ma, simply this, let folk know and gently …….: tell Sis. Don’t see me off Ma, I’ll be back soon: just long enough for you to decorate my room. Trains in, it’s on time. Trying frantically to clear my mind.

 It’s beginning to rain now Ma, what a drag: minds racing need a fag………How’s Dad?

The planes on the runway feeling bad. Guts churning……….boy that’s sad! Must get a grip, it’s my first trip, can’t help it I just feel so sick. (Sigh) Feel such a dick! Corp’s bellowing out……’lads it’s time’. Reassuring us with……..you’ll be fine.

The first thing that hits you is the dust and heat, so oppressive……need to sleep. Early start going out on patrol, mates alongside me, we’re taking control. While combing the area for IED’s, spotted kids watching us high up in the trees. A shot rang out we dropped to our knees ……burying ourselves deep in the leaves.

Corporal ordered us to, ‘move out’……..it was then I heard ‘Smithy’ shout. Hit in the chest he was quite a mess, that didn’t, deter me any less. Crossed the line to reach my pal……………….. realisation setting in……: truly this is ‘hell’. Tried to lift him……gentle like. (Sigh) Ma, it took all my might.

Another day much the same patrolling areas over and over again. Buildings ahead need to check them out……………….strange! …………….too quiet!……………..no locals about.

Ma, took a bullet in my leg, but it’s ok………….: I’m alive not dead.

Enough said………….xxxx

A Letter to 18-year-old-me

 I know you won’t like what you’re about to hear

Since you think you know best – let’s face it

You just don’t, but you’ll find that out yourself

Or you can just trust me… up to you

First of all – have you ever thought about becoming

a teacher? Sounds stupid? Think about it.

When in love, you just don’t think, at all… REALLY!

So you might just get somebody you trust to tell you

Cold showers might help as well

The one you think is the right one is NOT, just saying

So that you aren’t surprised when you find out

And it might take longer than you imagine, or not

I know you’ve heard this yet doing just ONE thing well

Is better than ten things wrong, maybe you need to discover that yourself

You’ve got a great bunch of people around you

There’s no need to worry about them letting you down

Try to trust them more because they honestly love the way you are

Take it easy and poke some fun at yourself

Life is good and you’ve got a great future ahead of you

Imagine (a Soldier’s Letter)

OK, this letter is something I started some 19 years ago, probably, and finished like two years ago…Imagine

September Topic

Dear Poets,

our topic for September is a Poetic Letter  to anybody you wish to write to. It can be any kind of letter you want to write.

Enjoy writing and reading each other’s poetry.

Adam, Marie and Jarek

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