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I am…

I am passionate and friendly

I wonder about the simplexity of life

I hear the sound of heavens

I see new opportunities coming

I want to go deeper

I am passionate and friendly

I pretend all till I make it

I feel expectant about the future

I touch the untouchable

I worry about too many things

I cry for broken relationships

I am passionate and friendly

I understand nothing at all

I say God is good, all the time

I dream about transformation

I try to step outside my comfort zone

I hope to make my dent in the universe

I am passionate and friendly


  1. Jaroslav Suchý

    I really like the optimism of this piece. Touch the untouchable sounds just fantastic. And it reminded me of the song (I seem not to be able to do without songs recently… :-)) What if God was one of us.

    Maybe one suggestion (but the poem can do without it) …try TO step.

    All the best Adam.


    • adamigo

      Thank you, Jarek, it’s a great song, I love it. It’s the same for me, everything can be expressed by a good song. 🙂 And I’ll follow your suggestion.

      Enjoy your summer!


  2. Marie

    Adam, it´s a very lovely poem. Some steps out of our comfort zones might be very difficult, don´t you think? 🙂


  3. adamigo

    Yes, Maruška, you’re right. But it’s worth it. 😀

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