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Month: July 2014

I am

I am curious and I am shy
I wonder how and I wonder why
I hear the things I see the sounds
and I don´t want to change (even for one milion pounds)
the curious and shy person who am I …?!?

Can one pretend what is not real?
how, how and how does it feel
to touch the deepest dreams?
I worry much it often seems
and I cry and also damn
I simply do what I can
 …just to be the way I am


I understand but I might not
what people say, well they say a lot
I dream those words will fly away
and we´ll follow each other day by day
I hope for it, I hope for us
even if I am  shy and I am curious

Daughter Dear


A Special wish Daughter Dear….  : I send to you as another year,

Quickly passes in a blink, barely a moment left to think.

To be blessed with a Daughter as thoughtful, and wonderful as you,

All my wishes and dreams came true.

Being you Mum is so much fun, hopefully still with many more years to come.

My Darling Daughter……: thoughts of you are always there,

never doubt me, I do care.

So!………in my broad Devonian way, all that’s left for me to say,

Happy Birthday……: My Lover.

Have a wonderful day.

My Oak Tree

You are My Oak Tree,

Bold and strong,

And In Your branches I belong.

Firm roots set down securing Our Love,

Towering magnificently above.

On declaring My Love,

I gave You My Heart,

Ensuring we are never apart.

Precious Oak Tree,

Grow with Me.

I will Love You forever,

My Pledge to Thee.

My Darling Precious,


Sweet Pea.

I am…

I am passionate and friendly

I wonder about the simplexity of life

I hear the sound of heavens

I see new opportunities coming

I want to go deeper

I am passionate and friendly

I pretend all till I make it

I feel expectant about the future

I touch the untouchable

I worry about too many things

I cry for broken relationships

I am passionate and friendly

I understand nothing at all

I say God is good, all the time

I dream about transformation

I try to step outside my comfort zone

I hope to make my dent in the universe

I am passionate and friendly

July 2014

Dear Poets,

as we are just starting our real on-line poets’ society, so we thought that an I AM poem would be appropriate for the month of July this year. Maruška came up with the idea of a structured one – and it’s great. So here: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson391/I-am-poem.pdf you’ll find the suggested structure. Hope it inspires us and we share a lot of new things.

Enjoy writing and July 🙂

E.T. & Co. 🙂

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