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Month: June 2014


Yearning to be significant
Yearning to make a difference
Yearning for love and belonging
Yearning for courage to sing the right song
Yearning to chart the unknown
Yearning for what can’t be seen
Yearning for the supernatural
Yearning for heaven on Earth
Yearning for eternity which we’re born for
Yearning which keeps me moving on
Until I finally arrive home


Summertime Freedom

Being a bird on the top of trees

On the wings of pleasant breeze

I’d fly around faraway places

With the freedom which embraces

The little scary soul.


The scent of tempting summer passions

And dreams about the different nations

Wake me up from winter blues

Give me chance to think and choose

What person I want to be.


Come my summer, come and say

„Life is worth, come what may“




Summer 2014


….well for now I only have a stammer

So many things ahead

          and very entangled head

Bachelor thesis, books and syntax

will I ever get relaxed?


This is not the way to go

my world can sometimes be as slow

as sloth can climb up the tree

Why not rather pour myself a tea?

Put my legs up, hands in the pocket

Take the troubles in a room and lock it

Waiting for something better…. and then suddenly

….I realized – I´ve got a FAMILY!!!

Uni – for now – has to wait.

Let´s get one thing very straight

Summer is the time to ease

Go to Italy and feel the breeze

Closer to my husband, kids

Without sensing any guilts  🙂



My Summer

Finally almost here, just can’t wait

The period of being free from tedious studying

Countless hours of working and sleepless nights

Finally flying away to get to know a new country

Ancient Scotland to discover, what a thrill

Maybe hiking in the Alps or navigating a river

Camping and watching the stars

Enjoying the time of rest when time slows down

Being with friends as much as possible

Even though it’s just for a short while, it’s so needed

– Adam

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